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Free Yoga

Contact us to book your weekend with Mind Body Medicine! 

Date: February 16th to 18th 2024


Early Bird Offer - Ends December 31st 2023

395 euro

From 1st January 2024

450 euro




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Heidi Jackson is certified and on the faculty of the Centre for Mind Body Medicine.

After many years as an Oncology nurse I saw how  stress was affecting so many people’s health. So in 2016 I started my training with the Centre for Mind Body Medicine as I wanted to find work which could empower people to help themselves. This is exactly what this model of self care and self awareness does. Since my certification in 2018 I have been facilitating many in person and online groups, working with the NHS, TCD, Ukrainian refugees, stressed out mothers, burnt out professionals and many others as well as training and then supervising up and coming facilitators. 


What is Mind Body Medicine?

  • It focuses on the interaction between the mind and the body and the powerful ways in which mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health and well being.

  • It emphasizes an approach that uses scientifically validated techniques that respect and enhance each person’s capacity for self knowledge and self care using numerous and varied techniques.

History of Mind Body Medicine

The Centre for Mind Body Medicine was started  in 1991 when Dr James Gordon, a Harvard trained Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University saw that the bio medical model wasn’t working and so he explored numerous validated science based techniques to see what could help him with his stresses and trauma in his life. Having found ‘a model’ that really helped him he then tried out these techniques on his medical students/patients and numerous populations that had high levels of stress/trauma in their lives. There are now over 160 international faculty who are using this model for themselves as well as training others in their community. Over 100,000 healthcare workers/educators/community leaders and many others have been trained in this work. Our motto is ‘Teaching thousands to heal millions. For more information visit


I really look forward to sharing with you many of these wonderful transformative skills over the weekend.

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